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Multipurpose Jubal acts as flywheel and Brazil reached the final of the Toulon Tournament - 05/06/2013


The Brazilian National Team faces Colombia on Saturday (8), by decision of the Toulon Tournament, played by traditional competition categories for each country.

Missing the Saints to be with the selection Sub 20, served as the quarterback Jubal wheel in the tournament, showing his versatility, and said it is prepared to take the field as a defensive midfielder or defender.

- This group is very confident. Managed to adapt to driving, but I am prepared for the need if it is to act in the middle or at the back, can count on me - he said.

Regardless of the outcome in the decision, the defender only returned to the fish after the stop for the Confederations Cup, so why the selection will play friendlies in Switzerland, returning to Brazil in just 17 ??days.



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